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Stationary Concrete Pump Pipe
- Mar 15, 2017 -

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Usage:Pipeline Transport, Machinery Industry, Construction & Decoration

Product Description
Stationary concrete pump delivery pipe performance comprehensive description

NameSpecificationPipe outer diameterMaterialWeightGeometric dimension tolerancePressureWeld tensile strengthSurface coatingUse
Stationary concrete pump seamless delivery pipeDN125×4.0mm×3000mm133.2mmST5238.2kg3000±1.5mm130bar≥410MPaOrdinary air-dry paintStationary concrete pump

A brand Manufacturer with long history

Our company is one of the biggest manufacturing and trading companies in China. We have been specialized in manufacturing concrete pump spare parts for 20 years and are specialized in producing all kinds of concrete pump parts

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